Welcome to CBIF!

With the globalisation of higher education, life at College of Business is a journey of intercultural development for all. As a global leader in business education and research, consistently delivering the highest international quality standard, the UCD College of Business aims to provide support for the success of all members of our community in multi-cultural environments, including the development of intercultural competencies.

CBIF is an open community of collegial learning and sharing.

CBIF is an ideal place for colleagues who have the desire to develop their skills and broaden their knowledge base. It provides a platform for us to cooperatively solve problems and develop best practices through sharing and curation of existing and collaboratively ]innovated knowledge.

CBIF members engage at variable levels depending on available time, relevancy and need for knowledge. CBIF is inclusive, friendly, accessible and helps connecting people and promoting dialogue to share, learn and improve.

Communities like CBIF are not new, there are similar initiatives in other universities, and they have done amazing things (e.g. McMaster University). Research shows that communities of practice like CBIF can change the nature of isolated, individual working towards collaborative working and also enhance a sense of belonging to a community.

CBIF promotes community of practice – best knowledge resides in the community. We all learn in everyday life from the communities in which we find ourselves.

At CBIF, through informal discussions, webinars, podcasts, interactive workshops, talks and lunch-time seminars, and conferences, by sharing, reflecting, discussing and debating, we can gain insight into the on-going impact of globalisation on the internationalisation of higher education, including various topics in following areas:

  • Teaching 
  • Learning
  • Curriculum (i.e. internationalisation)
  • Research (i.e. method, collaboration, funding application)
  • In-class, online, off-shore deliveries 
  • Student support
  • Mobility
  • Integration (academic & sociocultural)
  • Intercultural development
  • [any other topics we want to explore!]

Up to now, there are 17 colleagues from Smurfit and Quinn in CBIF workgroup. More than 100 colleagues across UCD in CBIF’s mailing list.